Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bible Study week in Öcsöd, Hungary

The 2 pastors and 6 children of our congregation joined the Bible Study week for children in the Reformed congregation of Öcsöd, Hungary between 28th July - 3rd August. About 35 children with the help of adults spent the week with studies, workshops and trips. The two villages have apart of common history, since during wartimes settlers had been moved from one location to the other.

Devotion and Bible study every morning.

By bike to a nice farm...

Groups photograph at the Arboretum of Szarvas in front of a mammoth pine tree.

Windmill marking the center point of the historical Great Hungary. Boat trip on the backwater of Körös near the arboretum.

Bathing in the pools in Túrkeve.

The Reformed church of Öcsöd.

Inside of the Reformed church.

Brave girls in the church tower.

We have visited the local etnographical museum.

Sightseeing by horse-cart.

Games and plays for everyone: swinging, playing in the sand, playing games, braiding straw, beading, folding paper and painting T-shirt.

"The Kitchen Girl of the Year".

Dinner with everyone participating or helping during the week...

Sunday sermon with the service of the pastor of Chesereu.

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