Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The 50th number of our newsletter

Our congregational newsletter, the Chesereu Christian Chronicle (Keserűi Keresztyén Krónika) has reached its 50th number. It was first published in October 2004, at the inauguration of the restaurated church organ and Reformation Day. The writing, editing, typing and copying is made by pastors of the congregation with the help of others. The folded-in-half A4 format paper is printed on the multifunctional laser-printer (offered as donation) of the church. The freely distributed newsletter is being published monthly, timed for festivities and at the beginning of the month. The number 0 of each year is a retrospect of the former year with all its events and statistics.

Among the goals of the newsletter is to inform and get our present and future church members closer to the congregations; to offer an insight to our church life for locals and those far; to deepen the knowledge about church life and history of our readers; to make our realizations with the help of God and our donators public as a good example; and to show that there is life in small rural congregations, too.

The content of our paper is made up of devotional readings, sermon abstracts, prayers and poems, but also church news, statistics, list of donations. We have series of church and local history, religious calendar and symbology, apologetical writings. We often form our content after the comments and wishes of our readers, the youth of our congregation is often writing articles by their own about their activities.

We distribute freely our newsletters at the exits of the church at the end of the Sunday or Holiday sermons. The retrospective number 0 is delivered to each Christian family in the village by the presbiters, and any number by the same way for those who need it. The pastor and the presbiters always bring the newsletter personally to old or ill persons, which is good ocasion to stengthen the community ties.

We also sent the printed or online edition of the newsletter for those who are interested or in connection with our church or village, and from the start of our weblog we try to bring the information up-to-date. We gladly accept all the opinions about our church or newsletter through e-mail or as blog-comments.

Numbers of the Hungarian language Krónika can be downloaded in pdf format from here:

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